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The primary mission of hospital pharmacy is to manage the use of medications in hospitals and other medical centers. Goals include the selection, prescription, procuration, delivery, administration and review of medications to optimize patient outcomes. A pharmacist’s role is to appear straightforward. Simply assess the patients in their care and dispense any drugs that are deemed necessary by the doctors, while the delivery of medication is a major part of the job. They are also a core member of the hospital team, when it comes to delivering patient care.

Medicine Management:-A role of a pharmacist’s job is determining which form of medication best suits each patient. Each decision must be made in a timely and efficient manner and requires significant input from doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. Pharmacists will often monitor the effects of the medications they prescribe and counsel their patients on the effects of the drugs.

Monitoring Drug Charts:- Drug charts provide a vital source of information and act as an efficient method of communication between hospital pharmacists and other members of medical staff. It is critical that hospital pharmacists monitor these charts and ensure that the correct medication is being provided to each patient. Information may include which form of medication a patient requires, with options including tablets, injections, ointments or inhalers. How the medication should be administered must also be communicated.

Discharging Patients:- Discharging patients is another important role. It is the duty of a pharmacist to keep track of which patients are being discharged and inspect the discharge summary. This requires the pharmacist to inspect the patient’s drug chart to ensure that the medication prescribed matches that contained in the discharge summary. It is then the responsibility of the pharmacist to dispense the correct medication.

Keep Up to Date:- Pharmacists are expected to remain up to date with all aspects of medicine. This includes their usage and any new developments that may occur. In order to do this, it is essential that hospital pharmacists use electronic databases and read research papers. These provide invaluable data which enables pharmacists to learn more about new drugs before recommending that they are purchased by the hospital.