What Is An Exercise Treadmill Test (ETT)?

An Exercise Treadmill Test records the electrical activity of the heart on an electrocardiogram (EKG) and takes blood pressure readings while you walk on a treadmill. It is often used to check for heart disease, or to determine if treatment for heart disease is effective.

How Does An Exercise Treatment Test (ETT) Work?

Small, sticky patches or suction cups are placed on your back and chest. Blood pressure and heart activity are monitored while you are resting. Monitoring continues while you walk on the treadmill. The test is stopped if heart activity or blood pressure change a lot, you have chest pain or you become too tired to continue.
This is one of the quickest, safest ways to check the function of your heart.

How Do I Prepare For An Exercise Treadmill Test (ETT)?

Do not eat for two hours before the test. Ask your doctor if you should take your regular medicines before the test.