Jahan Ara Clinic ltd. provides emergency & Trauma Services is a 24×7, full-service, state-of-the-art facility that offers comprehensive emergency and trauma care. We believe in providing ‘Life-Saving Care, Tailored to Patient Needs’. It is a scientifically developed, protocol-driven emergency service. The service has several unique and innovative features
•Round the Clock Ambulance Service provides state of the art ambulances equipped with advanced life support equipment and manned by trained personnel. They provide timely and quality pre-hospital emergency care for the critically ill and injured patients.
•Effective communication system between the central control room, ambulances and the emergency facilities in the hospital.
•Highly trained and experienced emergency physicians available 24-hours a day.
•Latest monitoring and imaging equipment.

Our comprehensive patient services include:
•Level 1 Trauma Care
•Mother and Child Care
•Stroke Center

•2 Doctors (ER Physician/Anaesthesia/Specialist Department)
•1 Nurse